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My Commitments

Work to improve first responder response time, and overall performance of city services. As your council member I will continue to support community based associations (e.g. neighborhood associations, merchant associations) In addition to attending neighborhood meetings, I am committed to being boots on the ground to increase resident engagement. Host dozens of community and neighborhood meetings (topics and neighborhoods).

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My Commitments

Push for public sector over-investment to correct historical neglect. Work to make developers accountable to our community, we are their stakeholders. I will require developers to meet with the community first when proposing a project that requires a zoning change or a city subsidy. Prioritize improving and expanding our green spaces such as Westmoreland Park, Hampton pocket park, and the Chalk Hill Trail. Protecting our communities from predatory real estate practices

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My Commitments

Listen to and honor the concerns of all my constituents, regardless of where they live. I will work to understand the lives and experiences of our diverse community members. Routinely host “Connect with Your Council Member” pop-up events throughout the community in places such as but not limited to: laundromats, grocery stores, schools, libraries, gas stations, parks, and DART stations. Host more than a couple of District 1 town halls. The town halls will be live streamed on social media in order to give people the option to tune in virtually or watch later. Our community deserves to have information accessible to them. I will have bilingual outreach and information from day one. This means newsletters and social media posts as well as weekly videos informing you about relevant District 1 and citywide updates will always be in English and Spanish. I will be available to the community outside usual work hours because I understand that not everyone has a flexible schedule.

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